Steve Cagan, Photographer

El Chocó, Colombia

Mining / Minería 2009

San Pacho Festival / Fiestas de San Pacho

El Chocó: Muestra Itinerante (español) /
Traveling Exhibit (English)

"Opening Doors," images made for
Cleveland's Housing Center

Pradhan Family—Bhutanese Nepali
refugees in Cleveland

Homeless People in Cleveland /
Gente sin Casa en Cleveland

Bird Portraits / Retratos de Aves

Working Ohio

Industrial Landscapes, Ohio

Cuba (coming/a venir)

El Salvador (coming/a venir)

In 2013, the Housing Advocacy and Research Center, an organization that works to oppose housing discrimination in the Cleveland area, was going to celebrate theor 30th anniversary. For the occasion, they got a modest grant that allowed them to involve two storytellers, Jackki Boyd and Oluremi Oliver, who work together as "One House." Jackki and Oluremi conducted workshops to help people who had confronted housing discrimination to tell their stories. My role was to produce a series of images for the celebration (both the stories and the photographs will continue to be used in the work of the Center). Since the theme of the celebration was "Opening Doors," I decided to produce a series of images of people standing in their doorways.

I was happy to be able to contribute to this event, and to the effort of the Housing Center, whose work is so important in the struggle for justice in our country.

To learn more about the Housing Center and their work, please visit their web site.

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