Steve Cagan, Photographer

El Chocó, Colombia

Mining / Minería 2009

San Pacho Festival / Fiestas de San Pacho

El Chocó: Muestra Itinerante (español) / Traveling Exhibit (English)

"Opening Doors," images made for
Cleveland's Housing Center

Pradhan Family—Bhutanese Nepali
refugees in Cleveland

Homeless People in Cleveland /
Gente sin Casa en Cleveland

Bird Portraits / Retratos de Aves

Working Ohio

Industrial Landscapes, Ohio

Cuba (coming/a venir)

El Salvador (coming/a venir)

In the first half of  2010, I was one of
three Cleveland photographers who
worked on a project documenting the
lives of newly arrived refugees, organized
by the local social agency, Building Hope
in the City
. I worked with the extended
Pradhan family, who are Bhutanese Nepali
refugees. These 12 panels were my part of
our collective exhibit. To arrange to display
these three exhibits, or to find out more
about the work of Building Hope in the City,
please contact them directly.

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